Pricing & Kit

We believe in offering straightforward and an easy to navigate pricing structure.
As a guide, our typical rates are listed below.

DJI Phantom 4 Pro with 20MP camera, HD and 4K recording in H.264/5 formats.

£725 + VAT per day

This versatile quadcopter is recommended for less demanding aerial filming applications where more straightforward camera movement and shot composition is required.

DJI Inspire 2 with Zenmuse X5S Camera & Gimbal, HD, 4K & 5.2K recording in ProRes, CinemaDNG and H.264/5 formats.

£850 + VAT per day

The base package is for Pilot and equipment. The Inspire 2 is a long-endurance professional drone provided with multiple lenses and a 3-axis gimbal. A two-person team (with a trained camera operator) for complex cinematography is an additional £400.

Intuitive Aerial Aerigon with ARRI Alexa Mini or RED Helium camera package.

£3,500 + VAT per dayguide price

Price variable on choice of camera/lens
The Heavy-lift option comes with a pilot, camera operator, technician and ground monitoring station as standard. A high specification option for when precise camera and lens control is essential.

Site visit/recce, production of detailed shot-planning for multi-day/complex jobs
£350 + VAT per day

Additionally that we can supply include ground monitoring/playback stations for the director & clients, live streaming/broadcast links and location marshals.

As per CAA directives, we can operate for a maximum of 4 hours actual flight time per day. Our rates are for a 10 hour working day and exclude travel, additional logistics & expenses.

Our Aircraft / Drones

DJI Phantom 4 Pro

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DJI Inspire 2

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Intuitive Aerial Aerigon

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Additional Equipment

In addition to the UAV aircraft that we operate, through our sister company, Shoot Blue, we can offer a wide range of additional equipment and facilities to further enhance your production.

This includes monitoring solutions, communications equipment and infrastructure for live broadcasting/webcasting. Shoot Blue also stock a comprehensive range of cameras, lenses & lighting equipment which can be supplied at competitive rates

Video Village Monitoring

We can supply both lightweight client/director monitoring as well as a more comprehensive system with multiple monitors and playback capability.

Hire ground station equipment

Broadcast and Transmission

State of the art low-latency wireless transmitter/receivers are available as well as all the kit to integrate with SMPTE fibre cables and Outside Broadcast (OB) trucks.

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